Better. Square.

Introducing a shape that minds its grammar. Period.

The Better Square is composed of two perfectly isometric squares the are reflections of each other. The Better Square can be copied, rotated, translated, reflected, and rotated around a point. Below are three rules that describe a sample syntax and grammar for using the Better Square.

Rule No. 1

Duplicate + Rotate.

Rule No. 2

Duplicate + Translate.

Rule No. 3

Duplicate + Rotate 90°.


Making things doesn't have to be that hard.

Composition 1

Using Rule 1

Composition 2

Using Rule 2

Composition 3

Using Rule 3

Combo Comps.

Better Squares are better together.

Composition 4

Using Rules 1 + 2 + 3

Composition 5

Using Rules 1 + 2 + 3

Better things to see.

Maybe better shapes were there all along

Embedded Shapes

Taken from Compositions 3 + 4

I spy with my little eye
  • A hexagon
  • A 24-point star
  • A person

Let's talk about commodity

The Better Square exists within the domain of commodity by using a familiar shape in a non-traditional way. The shape is recognizable and feels comfortable in specific uses.

Let's talk about aesthetics

The The Better Square presents itself in a variety ways. In 2-dimensional layouts, the shape itself is lost and the overall composition takes on its own personality. Yet, in 3-dimensional layouts, the Better Square can be seen in plain sight, yet hidden by the 3-D nature of the composition.

Processing Demonstration

Scratch Demonstration

This scratch project explores how the eye sees shapes during an animation. To play, press the space bar and move your mouse along the x axis. The farther away from the origin you are, the faster the animation will move. The same way that a car wheel appears to reotate backwards at high speeds, you will see various embedded shapes depending on the speed of rotation.